Ripped And Smoothed

Sam Seidel’s Video Of Fred Seidel Reading The Blue Suit Poem

The poet Frederick Seidel recently wrote his poem The Blue Suit about a particularly vibrant blue worsted that we introduced to customers in 2018. As our blue suit grew in popularity, we were honoured to host Mr Seidel in our shop, and have him read the poem for us.
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Guide to Luxury Fabrics

Over the years we have sought out many new fabrics for our customers, some of them luxurious, some of them practical, all of them beautiful. We select our fabrics for their performance, their look and the comfort they offer, but sometimes just because they are interesting, or they challenge the boundaries of what is possible […]
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The Ebb and Flow of Savile Row

Back before my time, in the 20s, 30s and 40s. Cutters of Savile Row were the kingpins. Journeyman tailors would go from place to place asking for work, if anything was available they would be given a space that they would rent from the shop.
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Introducing our Herringbone Collection

These four new tweeds were woven exclusively for the Richard Anderson Ready To Wear range; by hand, in Inverness, Scotland.
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Introducing our Racing Green Super 120s Worsted Suit

This glorious green Worsted is a deep shade with a richness that is irresistible, in a cloth that is versatile as well as practical and light-weight.
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Musings of a Seasoned Traveller

For more than sixty years I have had the pleasure of travelling around the world to meet our clients and fit them for bespoke suits.
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Our new Cheviot Cobalt Blue Suit

We have always admired the virtues and character of Cheviot wool as many of our customers know; over the years we have introduced many variations and our customers have enjoyed the suits and jackets we have made.
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10th anniversary of George Michael opening Wembley Stadium

10 years ago, we were very pleased to be commissioned by George Michael and his stylist Sumaira Latif, to create a suit for his performance at the opening of the new Wembley Stadium.
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Breadlines and Raincoats

Regular customers will know about Richard’s love of art – the collection in our showroom has been carefully curated over many years. Customers who visit us know that we are more than happy to talk about why each piece interests us and how it came into our collection.
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Autumn 2017

As Autumn shades tinge the trees of New York and London with subtle bronzes and golds, we are delighted to present our collection of Autumn clothing.
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