Ripped And Smoothed

Our new Cheviot Cobalt Blue Suit

We have always admired the virtues and character of Cheviot wool as many of our customers know; over the years we have introduced many variations and our customers have enjoyed the suits and jackets we have made.
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10th anniversary of George Michael opening Wembley Stadium

10 years ago, we were very please to be commissioned by George Michael and his stylist Sumaira Latif, to create a suit for his performance at the opening of the new Wembley Stadium.
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Breadlines and Raincoats

Regular customers will know about Richard’s love of art – the collection in our showroom has been carefully curated over many years. Customers who visit us know that we are more than happy to talk about why each piece interests us and how it came into our collection.
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Autumn 2017

As Autumn shades tinge the trees of New York and London with subtle bronzes and golds, we are delighted to present our collection of Autumn clothing.
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Summer is here again and for the new season we have assembled a lightweight collection for your delectation.
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Proudly British

We are delighted to present a selection of the finest British made cloths and products, many of our own exclusive design, made for us by the finest mills and artisans.
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From Nîmes to Kurashiki

It is something of an irony that Japanese Denim has become the most sought after denim product in the world. The history of Denim has seen it travel from its home in France to America and from there to the rest of the world.
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A ‘fitting fitting’ for Sir Ian McKellen

Back in 2003 Sir Ian McKellan was nominated for an Academy Award. One of our life long customers happened to be his neighbor at the time. Donatella Versace had flowers delivered to congratulate Sir Ian on the nomination but he wasn’t in to receive them, so they were delivered next door.
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British Alpaca

Meet Eros, something of a star in the Alpaca world and one of the cheekiest and friendliest of the herd of Alpaca that produce the fibre for our dinner suits. With an impeccable bloodline from his native South America, it sounds odd to say that Eros is British, but he was born and raised on […]
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New York

Celebrating 15 Years of Richard Anderson Savile Row, we travelled to New York to host an event with friends new and old, thank you to all of who attended, and all of our friends, customers, partners, families and suppliers who helped us make it happen.
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