Heritage and refinement for the modern man

Richard Anderson opened its doors at 13 Savile Row in 2001. Independently owned and operated by Richard Anderson and Brian Lishak, devoted craftsmen creating the finest garments on Savile Row.

Together with our team of expert tailors, we pride ourselves on the perfect fit, the innovations we bring to The Row and our customers, and the quality of service we offer.


14th December 2018

A Guide to Luxury: Baltic Amber Cufflinks

We are delighted to add to our wide collection of exclusive cufflinks, a new range of links, hand made using Baltic Amber.
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14th December 2018

A Guide to Luxury: Vicuna and Guanaco

Vicuna are relatives of the Llama and now thought to be the ancestor of the Alpaca; they are found in the high reaches of the Peruvian Andes, where they grow extremely fine, dense coats to protect them from the heat of the day and the freezing temperatures at night.
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14th November 2018

A Life on Savile Row at the Fashion and Textile Museum

On the 29th November Richard and the Deputy Editor of The Jackal Magazine, Aleks Cvetkovic will be hosting a talk at the Fashion and Textile Museum to discuss tailoring, menswear and style.
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Tales from Savile Row

Guide to Luxury Fabrics

Over the years we have sought out many new fabrics for our customers, some of them luxurious, some of them practical, all of them beautiful. We select our fabrics for their performance, their look and the comfort they offer, but sometimes just because they are interesting, or they challenge the boundaries of what is possible […]

The Ebb and Flow of Savile Row

Back before my time, in the 20s, 30s and 40s. Cutters of Savile Row were the kingpins. Journeyman tailors would go from place to place asking for work, if anything was available they would be given a space that they would rent from the shop.

Introducing our Herringbone Collection

These four new tweeds were woven exclusively for the Richard Anderson Ready To Wear range; by hand, in Inverness, Scotland.


A short film about our early days