10th anniversary of
George Michael opening Wembley Stadium

10 years ago, we were very pleased to be commissioned by George Michael and his stylist Sumaira Latif, to create a suit for his performance at the opening of the new Wembley Stadium. 

The suit was something rather special; it had to be light enough for the heat of performing under lights and free enough to allow movement during the performance. Mr Michael had very particular requirements as to the shade of aubergine or wine cloth that was used, and he carefully selected an 8oz super-light-weight fabric from those we recommended. Richard went to fit him at his Highgate home and built a good rapport with the singer. Richard was invited to the show and more orders followed. We remember Mr Michael with fondness.

The suit was a single-breasted super light-weight button three coat, with no vents, two cross-jetted pockets, button three cuffs and interestingly it was made without a lining and freer in the arm-hole to allow for ease of movement.

The BBC reported on the opening, with many others and the coat was seen around the world. (See story here)

BBC and Image Copyright acknowledged.