Musings of a Seasoned Traveller

For more than sixty years I have had the pleasure of travelling around the world to meet our clients and fit them for bespoke suits.

Of course, for many years before our Richard Anderson journey began, I had been visiting the USA and beyond. When I started travelling, there were no jet engines, plane journeys from New York to London were close to twelve hours, not six or seven like they are today.

I joined Huntsman as a 16-year-old in February 1955, fresh out of college, where I was studying textiles; by August that year I was asked to go to America on a six-week trip to shadow our Sales Manager. As a seventeen-year-old of course I leapt at the chance. I wasn’t sure if my father would allow me to go however, not knowing that that decision had already been made for me; before telling me about it they had contacted him and requested permission; it was a nice surprise.

Not long after, we travelled out on the Queen Mary with two trunks, six suitcases and our personal luggage; The amount of luggage certainly warranted the two of us going.

My first trip to the United States lasted only six weeks, however the Sales Manager was there for four and a half months. There started my love affair with travel and tailoring, the opportunities it gave me to meet amazing people and the rewarding nature of the work. Travel and business has changed; we no longer need to travel by boat across the pond, we can hop on a plane and be half way around the world and straight into a meeting without too much of a thought.

I have taken my lifetime’s experience into account when developing our clothing and travel accessories range; if you spend a third of your time travelling, it is important to do it in both comfort and style.