Producing only the highest-quality garments, Richard Anderson clients have come to expect excellence as a given. Richard Anderson’s clientele – many of whom are leaders in their own fields – are uncompromising in their demand for brilliance.

The company is living up to the vision held by its founders: to draw on the tradition and craftsmanship of Savile Row and create suits of life-long quality for modern men and women.

Customers recognise this dedication, and although the company travels abroad several times a year, many customers travel great distances to visit the Savile Row showroom. Richard Anderson draws discerning customers from all over the world to the English Institution that is Savile Row.


In 2001 Richard Anderson Ltd opened for business on London’s world-renowned Savile Row; the first bespoke tailoring House to open on the Row in 50 years. Combining over 100 years of experience on Savile Row, our team represents the perfect combination of tradition and innovative creativity.

The dream, for founders Richard Anderson and Brian Lishak, was to give life back to that style icon and British institution, Savile Row. Richard and Brian shared a passion for fine English clothing and saw an opportunity to take the age-old craft of bespoke tailoring forward. Both Richard Anderson and Brian Lishak have worked on the Row all their working lives and have dressed every nationality, rank and personality.

Richard started as a 17-year-old apprentice at one of the great houses and served a most traditional apprenticeship under Colin Hammick, one of the greats of tailoring. Covered in his book, Bespoke: Savile Row Ripped and Smoothed, it was certainly an eventful and entertaining time for Richard.

Brian, who is in his sixth decade on the Row, started at an even more tender age and has been travelling to America for the Row for more than 60 years.

Since the very first days when Richard and Brian opened the doors of their spacious new showroom, recently decorated, lovingly stocked and laid out in the most egalitarian open plan fashion, they have welcomed customers from around the world. As the list of nationalities has grown, Richard and Brian have found themselves travelling to America, Canada, Japan, all over Europe, to Russia, Ukraine and China.

With so many notable successes, it would be hard to list them all, but some of the most interesting times have been making suits for series after series of television programmes, for sports personalities, for Oscar appearances, for concerts at Wembley and appearances in the Senate.

Every suit is special in its own way – that is the true nature of bespoke tailoring.



An inspirational designer with a fanatical zeal for perfection, Richard has spent all his working life on the Row and is at the top of his craft. Richard’s first book (Bespoke) about those early years has been published to great acclaim – like Richard, it is down to earth, funny and insightful.


Brian started on the Row in 1956 and is a former Managing Director of Huntsman. His unrivalled 50+ years of experience in tailoring make him a regularly quoted authority on Savile Row. His intimate knowledge of tailoring makes him invaluable to discerning customers.

Peter Smith

Peter started in menswear at fourteen with a part time weekend and summer job. In 1986 he started full time at one of the leading Savile Row Houses, working in the bespoke tailoring department, before moving to his previous employment.


Krishan was born and schooled in London, although his family hail from Rajasthan in India. He studied Financial Mathematics at university; after graduating he faced the choice of working in the financial sector, or following his love of tailoring and all things sartorial. He obviously chose correctly and has joined us at Richard Anderson at the front of the house, where his experience in menswear and passion for fine clothing allow him to serve our growing clientele.


Eugene hails from Furci Siculo in the province of Messina, Sicily. He started tailoring at the age of eight, training until at sixteen he began work at a Sartoriale and working with the finest cloths and refining his skills as a tailor.


Maya is from London but has also lived in Cornwall. She studied at the London College of Fashion; her diploma in handcraft tailoring led on to the bespoke tailoring degree, during which she did many work experience placements and worked in London Fashion Week. In her final year Maya entered the Golden Shears competition, which is where she met Richard.


Emily’s career in tailoring started seven years ago with the tailoring course at Newham College in London, which led Emily on to the bespoke tailoring course at the London College of Fashion.


Thomas’ interest in tailoring started at a young age. When he was 16, he would spend Saturdays and holidays learning the basics from a South London based Savile Row veteran, and would be introduced to Richard for the first time.