Irresistible Cheviot wool

Top: The coarse. versatile Cheviot Wool. Bottom: A denser, lighter Merino Wool
We have always admired the virtues and character of Cheviot wool as many of our customers know; over the years we have introduced many variations and our customers have enjoyed the suits and jackets we have made. This natural fibre comes from a breed of sheep found in the rugged and windswept landscape of North Northumberland and the Scottish borders; the area is exposed and the winter climate intemperate. The Cheviot grows a coat suitable to protect it in these conditions and the wool is eminently suitable for the rugged needs of tweed. 
We have also sourced a beautiful wool travel suiting that has a wonderful handle, with a resistance to creasing, durability and all-round performance that makes it ideal for travel. Medium-weight and with a wealth of shades to choose from, it is ideal for making up as a suit or blazer. The brilliant cobalt blue featured overleaf shows the character and richness of this great fabric and how well it takes colour; it is a natural choice for those of us at Richard Anderson who travel and we know it will be a firm favourite for those of our clients who have the same needs.

Cobalt Blue
Cheviot Suit

We are delighted to present this wonderful new Cheviot wool travel suitings that we have sourced in the most beautiful array of colours including this glorious Cobalt Blue. This exceptional wool cloth is a favourite of our customers for its wonderful handle, but is not normally seen in such stunning colours.
Navy blue is traditional and present in every wardrobe as it partners well with other colours, however we have found a brighter, cobalt blue with a depth of luminosity that makes the cloth almost glow. It has become an immediate customer favourite.
The Cheviot cloths come from the rugged hills of North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders, where the sheep have been bred to resist the inclement weather over many hundreds of years. The cloth is resistant to creasing, so this is a suit you can travel cross-country in and still arrive looking crisp.