Final Opportunity


The stock of special Anniversary Tweeds, we designed and launched at the end of last year have been a huge success. Stock is very limited and we recommend that customers who wish to order a suit, coat or topcoat do so promptly. These very original patterns will not be repeated.

For ultimate chic, complete your outfit with a matching cap or handsome travel bag especially made for us by British craftsmen. These bags are as beautiful as they are practical.

We are constantly updating our range of caps, cufflinks, leather goods and other accessories. Our new collection of silk hanks with hand rolled edges, printed exclusively for us, is no exception. We have commissioned just twelve of each and when they are gone, they will never be repeated.

We look forward to showing you our wider range in person, but if you can’t wait, do look at our web site and read our latest stories and releases.

Coordinated Ranges of Tweeds


Our Anniversary year was important in many ways and to celebrate the launch of our exclusive tweeds, Brian Lishak commissioned a cap and bag in the same tweed as his new coat. It was a little indulgence in a year of exceptional hard work and he thought nothing of it, until he was stopped, not once, but many times during his trip around the USA.

Apart from numerous compliments from customers, he was stopped in the street by a gentleman who then became a customer, he was stopped in the reception of the Carlyle by a hotel resident who couldn’t help but comment – even one of New York’s finest at JFK commented that he must be a designer and asked where he could buy the clothing. Taking inspiration from this, we are delighted to extend the opportunity to a very small number of customers to have a suit or sports coat, or overcoat, together with a bag and cap, made in the same limited-edition tweed.

Limited Edition Anniversary Tweeds


Our Anniversary tweeds were an immense success. The striking detail worked into each of the tweeds was inspired by the complex cloths Brian became familiar with when he joined the trade sixty years ago. Tweed houses used to compete, trying to outdo each other with intricate patterns and woven colours. Our tweeds are 14/15 oz, and entirely exclusive to us; they are made in Scotland and contain many fine patterns – diamonds, diagonals, herringbones and the familiar Prince of Wales check. A small range is shown here in a variety of styles including single and double-breasted overcoats, sports coats and suits. Some are available in a number of colourways; all are in short supply as they were made for our anniversary celebrations.

Ventile Raincoats


The water resistant Ventile fabric, developed by scientists at the Shirley Institute in Manchester, was a revolution that protected the pilots from immediate soaking and extended life expectancy to 20 minutes. The fabric became a staple supply for the RAF and is still used in RAF and NATO flight suits today.

Our raincoats are light weight and perfect for wearing over a suit on rainy days, offering protection and comfort. We are delighted to offer them in the two ready to wear colourways shown here.

One of the problems with raincoats today is the lack of style. Richard has applied his own unique styling to these raincoats; you will clearly see our distinctive cut, high in the armhole, waisted and with a certain flair. Our raincoats are light weight and perfect for wearing over a suit on rainy days, offering protection and comfort. You will be seeing more of them over the coming months, but we will be noting interest from customers who might like to reserve one ahead of the spring showers. Our model features a fly front with vertical welted pockets, wrist wraps and a tab and button on the collar, chain hanger, two vertical inside pockets with zips.


These beautiful bags are made exclusively for us in England, using our Anniversary Tweeds. They are trimmed with English hide, canvas lined, with zipper pocket one side, open pocket the other, shoulder strap and brass fittings. They are ideal for weekend travel and hold a surprising amount. The leather plate can be blind, silver or gold embossed with your name or initials, or a family crest.


Our caps are made in England using our exclusive tweeds and are available in a limited range to suit your taste. Have a look at our web site for the full range.


Our beautiful hand printed silk hanks have hand rolled edges; the design is exclusive to us and includes our name in the print. We have commissioned only twelve of each pattern and they will not be repeated in the same patterns. As we release new patterns, they will also be announced here on our website.