The Blue Suit

The Blue Suit

A Poem by Frederick Seidel

The American poet Frederick Seidel recently wrote his poem The Blue Suit about a particularly vibrant blue worsted that we introduced to customers last year (find out more here).

The poem has been published in the London Review of Books and we are grateful to Mr Seidel for allowing us to publish it on our web site and in our latest customer publication; the poem was the inspiration for our cover shoot, where Richard wears the original Blue Suit described in the poem.

You can read a snippet below and the full poem here, where you can also download our latest publication.

We look forward to seeing many of you during our upcoming visit to the United States of America (details here) or in our London showroom, which is undergoing internal change. More of that news anon.

Brian & Richard
And the team at Richard Anderson 

The Blue Suit

Richard Anderson, master Savile Row tailor,
Opens the eleventh-floor hotel room door
Wearing a new suit so blue
It makes me smile,
Something no suit has been able to do for quite a while.
Welcome to room 1111 at the Carlyle.


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