Sam Seidel’s Video Of Fred Seidel Reading The Blue Suit Poem


The poet Frederick Seidel recently wrote his poem The Blue Suit about a particularly vibrant blue worsted that we introduced to customers in 2018. As our blue suit grew in popularity, we were honoured to host Mr Seidel in our shop, and have him read the poem for us. Born in St Louis, Missouri in 1936, Frederick spent his younger days travelling Europe, meeting with T S Eliot and corresponding with Ezra Pound. Seidel’s work has often challenged the accepted perception of modern American poets; not afraid to offend, Seidel deals with current affairs or material possessions with equally powerful words and vision. His poem The Blue Suit was published in the London Review of Books in June 2018 and in his latest collection of poetry, Peaches Goes It Alone: Poems (Nov 2018).

The poem captures the excitement of wearing a new suit and how the joy of a colour or fit affects not just the wearer, but everyone who sees it. The poem beautifully juxtaposes the rich history of Savile Row and bespoke clothing with the modern creations of tailors. Simply put; the showstopping nature of this garment is in its classic simplicity.

“What does a blue suit do? What does a blue suit know?”

The striking cobalt blue has a depth and luminosity that makes the cloth almost glow. The Cheviot cloths come from the rugged hills of North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders, where the sheep have been bred to resist the inclement weather over many hundreds of years. The cloth is resistant to creasing, so this is a suit you can travel cross-country in and still arrive looking crisp. It is available in a limited range of more traditional colours that includes a dark green, grey, biscuit and navy blue.

Our New Cheviot Blue Suit