Suit Bags

A great method of keeping your clothes moth free in winter or summer months when your suit is not being worn.

We encourage using lavender to keep the common moth away from your clothes.


Delivery time: 2-3 business days


  • We urge our customers to care for their clothes thus prolonging their life and providing maximum value. Most are aware and take advantage of our cleaning and sponging and pressing services.
    With this in mind, every suit or coat we supply are offered in a garment bag.

    The most frequent request for advice is how to protect clothing from the common moth.

    These arch enemies lay larvae with huge appetites who love the keratin contained in most natural fibres. A great method of keeping your clothes moth free is to store your clothes in our garment bags, with a bag of fresh lavender attached to the hanger neck inside the bag.

    Should you need extra bags, ours are made in England from extremely durable cotton, zipper fastening with strong carry handles have a window easily identifying its contents.


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