Mark Rothko’s Trousers
50 x 70 cm

Had a highly individual, uniquely humorous father.

An early career spent working and performing in bands in London included being an original member of the Industrial/Experimental band Test Dept and performing onstage with them at their debut gig (then leaving soon afterwards). Reeves also joined the alternative comedy circuit under many different guises. These included a loudmouthed American called Jim Bell, a beat poet called Mister Mystery and, eventually, “The North-East’s Top Light Entertainer” – Vic Reeves. His stage show Vic Reeves Big Night Out began life as a regular Thursday night gig at Goldsmith’s Tavern, New Cross (now the New Cross House). Here, he met Bob Mortimer, a solicitor who attended the show and enjoyed it so much that he soon began to participate. Big Night Out was given a slot on Channel 4 in 1987.

Vic is now known to millions and is energetically gifted across a wide spectrum of talents. An artist, author, illustrator, No.1 hit singer, scriptwriter, actor, TV Panelist, comedian and family man.

In 1983, Reeves began a part-time course at a local art college, developed his love of painting and eventually persuaded a local art gallery to stage an exhibition of his unique work. Although still primarily known as a comedian, Reeves is now gaining a reputation as an artist. His drawings and paintings have been used in his television shows and form a major part of his 1999 book, Sun Boiled Onions.