A 'fitting fitting' for
Sir Ian McKellen

Back in 2003 Sir Ian McKellan was nominated for an Academy Award.

One of our life long customers happened to be his neighbor at the time. Donatella Versace had flowers delivered to congratulate Sir Ian on the nomination but he wasn’t in to receive them, so they were delivered next door.

When they eventually found their way to Sir Ian, he actually read the card aloud to the neighbor who delivered them. “Congratulations on the nomination, DV.” The neighbor said, “Don’t go to Versace, you want to come to my tailor…”

So he dragged Ian McKellan in to the shop where we fitted him in the suit he wore on the night. It was quite a surprise to have that sort of recommendation brought in. It was a joy to fit for something so prestigious and for a man so pleasant and warming. He sent us a card after the night that we still have framed and on our wall in the shop, he was every bit the gentleman you’d expect him to be.

Sir Ian, if you happen to be reading this, you should stop by again – we’d love to see you.