Beautiful Blazers


Single Breasted Ocean Blue Super 140’s Worsted Blazer

This stunning Ocean Blue blazer glows with a light that must be seen to be appreciated. The cloth is woven from a compact spun yarn; compact spinning is a specialised technique that draws the short fibres to the core allowing the long fibres to bind to the outside of the yarn, creating a level, even and luxurious yarn. The resulting high performance woven cloth is more level in colour, has a smooth handle and improved wearability due to the number of surface fibres. This cloth would suit any occasion, whether it be the office, visiting the country or relaxing on holiday.

Our model features notch lapels and slanting jetted pockets in a button three front with silver buttons.

Double Breasted Claret Mohair and Wool Blazer

This beautiful fabric is woven in West Yorkshire, a region famous around the world for its weaving tradition and the quality of cloth produced. The cloth is washed and pressed during manufacture using the purest Pennine Hills water, just as has been done for the last two hundred years or more. Mohair is a natural fibre from the Angora goat and when woven it is an exceptional cloth that has the ability to breathe and keep the wearer cool whilst having a natural crease resistance.

Our model is a wonderful double-breasted classic in a button two, show three with straight jetted pockets made in kid mohair and wool.

Single-Breasted British Racing Green Wool Tropical Weave Blazer

British Racing Green is the colour of the E-Type and a natural alternative to navy blue that couldn’t be more English if it tried. Having said that, the colour is extremely popular in the United States of America following its association with those proficient at hitting a small ball into a hole from a long distance.

The cloth we have chosen is made with extra fine two-ply merino wool, named Mockleno it is woven on a standard loom with warp threads crossing over one another, resulting in a fabric with an open gauze appearance. Woven and finished in Yorkshire it has a crisp dry handle, it is highly breathable and easy to wear whatever the climate, hence the name Tropical Weave.

Our model features a button 1 front with a peak lapel and slanting pockets with an out ticket pocket.

Single Breasted Caramel Wool Lightweight Blazer

When dispensing with traditional navy, yet still wanting a subtle look, this beautifully natural-coloured caramel cloth is made in 100% wool and woven for us in Scotland. Woven in a barleycorn weave, this less formal blazer has patch pockets, giving the garment more of a country or sporting look. At 9/10oz in weight, it is light enough to be worn with comfort throughout the year. It would go very well over our Japanese Kurashiki denim jeans or our Corduroys in a comfortable deep red.

Our model features a button two front with patch pockets and notch lapel.

Single Breasted Navy Super 140s and Cashmere Shawl Collar Blazer

Sometimes only a navy blazer will do, so we have taken the traditional blazer and made it in this beautiful cloth, that has an exceptionally luxurious handle and is a joy to wear, and softened the look with a shawl collar; the shawl collar originated in smoking jackets, but has also been seen in dinner suits and lounge suits favoured by actors. This basketweave super 140s worsted mixed with cashmere is woven for us in Scotland by one of the oldest weaving houses, whose history dates back to 1778. In a traditional navy blue, the cloth is unique and with the special shawl collar it makes for a striking blazer.  Tradition with a twist.

Our model features a shawl collar, straight jetted pockets and a button one front.