A Guide to Luxury: Lumb’s Golden Bale

Lumb’s Golden Bale

An excellent example of luxury yarn is Lumb’s Golden Bale. For over a century Lumb’s buyers have visited the Australian wool auctions searching for bales of extra fine merino wool of exceptional quality. Each year the best fleeces from Merino sheep are spun into a fine thread very high quality. A small group of weavers are selected to make cloths woven from these outstanding yarns and we have worked with one such mill to bring you these exceptional fabrics. 

Despite many mills laying claim to making the finest ‘100s’ cloths, the combination of Lumb’s selective buying coupled with hand sorting of the wools and an expertise in processing acquired over many generations in converting wool into yarn and cloth, ensures that the fabric continues to be the most luxurious. The very finest quality wools are named “Lumb’s Golden Bale”, with no reference to 100s or other numericals, they are simply the best that are made.

We are delighted to bring you a range of fine suitings, selected carefully by us to offer performance as well as beauty.

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