The Hudson Travel Suit

Designed for every occasion, all modes of transport

We pride ourselves on catering for the individual needs of our customers and our new ‘Hudson’ Travel Suit is no exception; it is named after Henry Hudson (1565-1611), an English explorer famed for his exploration of what is now Canada and North-eastern United States. Hudson was tasked by the Dutch East India Company with finding the Northeast Passage to Cathay. He sailed up the great Hudson river that now bears his name, around modern day New York and discovered the Hudson Strait and vast Hudson Bay.

Richard Anderson wearing the Hudson Travel Suit in Tweed. 2 button, 2 crescent pockets with button fastening, 2 handwarmer pockets, 2 inside poacher’s pockets with tab and button, 2 regular inside pockets, back-neck ticket pocket, tab-and-button under the turn of the collar, half-belt running into the side seam at back.

Hudson Travel Jacket in Turquoise Cotton. Tab-and-button under the turn of the collar in contrasting orange, hand-stitching with pearl buttons.

Four hundred years after these great journeys of discovery, Richard has taken his more than thirty years of business travel and Brian’s sixty plus years and designed the perfect coat and trousers for the well-dressed business traveller. It is designed so that you have everything you need easily accessible on your person, enabling you to board the plane with as little luggage as possible. Our Hudson suit is for people who want to start their journeys looking good and finish them looking even better. The models shown here are in a sublime light-weight turquoise, perfect for spring and summer, and a classic Richard Anderson tweed for the autumn and winter.

Hudson Travel Jacket in Turquoise. Back-neck ticket pocket.

Hudson Travel Jacket in Tweed. Half-belt running into the side seam at back; Hudson Travel Jacket in Tweed. 2 crescent pockets with button fastening, 2 hand-warmer pockets.

The front of the jacket features two plaquette crescent-shaped pockets, designed with a button- fastening to securely hold as much as possible (the tweed is designed with the slanting check). These pockets are twinned with two handwarmer pockets for comfort and additional capacity. It’s so much easier when going through security scanners to just take off your coat with everything in the pockets, rather than having everything scattered in trays.

Internally, you will find ‘poacher’s pockets’ with a tab and button, two regular inside pockets, and a stunningly practical back-neck ticket pocket in the collar. Travelling business or first class? When having your jacket hung up, your plane ticket will fit snugly in this pocket so that your name and seat number are easy for cabin crew to see.

The jacket is fastened with two high buttons and has a half belt running into the side-seam for extra support with side seams to create shape. The coat is ideal for all climates – forgotten or simply didn’t want to pack gloves and a scarf? If the weather turns colder without warning you are equipped with handwarmer pockets and a tab-and-button under the turn of the collar – simply lift the collar and button across for an instant and sophisticated shield from the cold. The undercollar of the jacket has a contrasting colour – orange with the turquoise, scarlet with the tweed.

Hudson Travel Trousers in Turquoise Cotton. 2 inch-waistband, tab-and-buckle, 2 front pleats, 2 back patch pockets with flap and hole-and-button, 2 patch pockets with flap and hole-and-button, fob-pocket on waistband, 2 regular pockets going into side seams.

The accompanying trousers are comfortable yet functional; they have been designed using a softer material with a slightly wider than average two-inch waistband; sitting slightly higher than usual, you can be comfortable for long periods of time without the fabric stiffening or creasing.

The trousers have two pleats at the front for comfort, two back pockets with a flap and hole-and-button for security, a fob-pocket going into the waistband, two regular pockets that go into the side seams, and as a nod to the Northern Soul style, patch pockets on both legs with flap and hole-and-button.

Overall, the Hudson Travel Suit has been designed with practicality and your comfort in mind; we look forward to making your business travelling life easier and less stressful. Had we done so for Henry Hudson’s crew, perhaps they would not have mutinied and cast him and his son adrift on James Bay, never to be seen again.