Looking Back In Style

Looking Back In Style

By Molly Anderson

Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” Savile Row has stayed a cut above the rest in terms of trends and fads, with each house displaying their own unique style with quality to match. Here at Richard Anderson our house style originates from the traditional hacking coat, with long clean lines and the fit designed to accentuate and improve the figure. A bespoke suit should seamlessly bring together the master cutter’s style with the individual customer’s, creating a garment that is a true form of self-expression and art.

After having worked at Richard Anderson Ltd. for a few months, I  happened upon some photos of my father (Richard) that had been tucked away at the infamous cutting board, amongst cloth, shears and patterns. These beautiful shots from his early days as an apprentice cutter clearly show his early grasp of sartorial style.

I discovered that they were taken by our very own Peter Smith’s father in the 1980s.  Don Smith, the legendary Radio Times photographer shot many cover stories for the magazine. He famously shot Tony Hancock and the first Dr Who cover for the Radio Times and worked there for over 60 years. Don, who is now 87 and still goes into the Radio Times on a regular basis to work on the archive remembers visiting Huntsman to take photographs of Young Richard.

Let me tell you – never did I think I would catch my father sporting a paisley tie with a blue large-check sports coat. I vote we bring the combination back, but for now, this look will stay firmly in the archives and between you and me. 

Richard during his apprentice days at Huntsman.

An outfit to remember! Richard wears a blue with red and cream over-check sports jacket with a paisley silk tie. The slanted pockets add a casual spin to an otherwise bold piece.

A timeless single-breasted black pinstripe suit. The polka dot tie is still a Richard Anderson favourite.

At the cutting board