Kurashiki Denim Jeans


At Richard Anderson we pride ourselves on the care we take in sourcing the products we share with the world. Whether it’s a tie and cufflink to accessorise a suit, the cloths that make up our range of suits… or our jeans.

Our Kurashiki Jeans sourced from Japan exude everything that a Richard Anderson product should be.

Perhaps it is the ubiquitous nature of denim that has inspired a few enthusiasts to return to the early shuttle looms to revive the creation of a product of exceptional quality and durability and of course, style.

We are delighted to bring Kurashiki Denim to Savile Row.

Originally called Serge de Nîmes (Serge from Nîmes), denim was first made in France by the Andre family. It was exported to America in the late 18th Century where the hard-wearing nature of the cloth made it a practical choice for workwear.

Traditional shuttle looms weave the cloth using a continuous cross- thread (the weft) that is passed on a shuttle back and forth along the length of the bolt. As the thread loops around to make its return journey, it creates a self-edge or selvedge, and it is this distinct characteristic that differentiates modern projectile loom denim from traditional shuttle loom denim.

And if that story doesn’t do it for you, here’s Richard Anderson wearing them at our Savile Row home.

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