The New Barleycorn Bespoke Collection

Reviving a Classic: The New Barleycorn Bespoke Collection

We recently introduced a stunning new Barleycorn tweed to our Bespoke customers. This cloth was in its final stages of weaving and we had only samples to show, but the reception was amazing and several customers ordered directly. We are now proud to announce that we have received the range in four unique colourways: show-stopping Cranberry, a contemporary Blue, as well as classic Lovat and Fawn.

New Barleycorn Bespoke fabric in Fawn, Lovat, Cranberry and Blue.

This cloth is lovingly made by a specialist weaver in the heart of Scotland and woven on a historic Hattersley Domestic loom, made by Geo Hattersley of Keighley, the oldest firm of loom-makers in the world. Their first power loom was famously smashed by the Luddites, a group of handweavers protesting at the mechanisation of the textile industry in the Industrial Revolution. The design by Brian Lishak is a traditional Barleycorn pattern that is not so commonly found today. The Barleycorn displays beautifully on looser woven materials such as Shetland tweed.

The Barleycorn uses an irregular loom set up, so a new set of shafts was prepared with the yarn rethreaded for the particular draft sequence. Large cones of the wheat coloured warp yarn are split into smaller ‘cheeses’ (cylindrical yarn packages as opposed to conical ones), for loading the creel to make the warp.

The warp (the threads that run vertically in the cloth) is made by winding yarn from the cheeses in sections around a large rotating wooden drum. The warp is then transferred to the back beam of the loom. Each thread from the end of the previous warp is tied by hand to the corresponding thread on the new warp at the back of the loom. All the knots are pulled through the loom to the front before weaving begins. The loom uses traditional wooden shuttles to carry the weft yarn back and forth across the width of the loom.

Cloth being worked on the looms at the historic Hattersley Domestic Loom.

With fascinating colours to suit everyone and a unique tweed that will look better with every wear, these bespoke jackets are a discerning choice for every Richard Anderson customer’s spring wardrobe for years to come.

Single Breasted Barleycorn Sports Coat. Cranberry: 1 button, 2 jetted pockets with flaps slanting, 1 out breast pocket, 2 inside pockets, 1 ticket pocket, 3 button cuff with Mother of Pearl buttons. Blue: 1 button, 2 jetted pockets with flaps slanting, 1 ticket pocket, 3 button cuff with Mother of Pearl buttons.