Sharply Dressed: The Windsor Knots

A Video Series on Hosiery Basics and Sartorial Care

Sharply Dressed: A Gentleman's Guide

The Windsor Knots

With the arrival of our new seasonal Ready-to-Wear collection fast approaching, it’s time to go back to basics and learn how to successfully accessorise your suit. This series will teach you how to look after your garments and style yourself to perfection.

This short video series starts with the tie; a wonderfully diverse garment in not only colour and pattern, but in style. How you tie your tie says a lot about your character and can subtly enhance and update your look. This week’s Sharply Dressed goes through the Godfather of all tie styles; the Windsor knot.


The Full Windsor Knot

The Full Windsor knot, favoured by our Managing Director Brian Lishak, is a classic style that oozes confidence and grandeur. Its large, symmetrical and triangular shape demands attention and looks great with cutaway or spread collars. This tie will turn heads, so have fun when choosing your favourite pattern and colour combination to compliment the rest of the suit. 

The Half Windsor Knot

A neater and more subtle knot-style that is Richard Anderson’s go-to, the Half Windsor exudes sartorial expertise and know-how. It is slightly smaller than the Full Windsor as the tie is looped over on one side rather than both. The extremely wearable Half Windsor goes with most collar styles and thanks to its size suits large patterns and colours as well as more subtle monochrome looks.