Tales from Savile Row

Here, you will find everything that we like to share and talk about. Whether it’s a new cloth, a story from our vault, a new range of accessories or just something we want to share with you, this is where you’ll find it.

We hope that you enjoy reading the stories about our craft and that they inspire, entertain and welcome you to the store.




Richard Anderson, Brian Lishak, and the whole Richard Anderson team

Tales from Savile Row

From Nîmes to Kurashiki

It is something of an irony that Japanese Denim has become the most sought after denim product in the world. The history of […]

A ‘fitting fitting’ for Sir Ian McKellen

Back in 2003 Sir Ian McKellan was nominated for an Academy Award. One of our life long customers happened to be his neighbor […]

British Alpaca

Meet Eros, something of a star in the Alpaca world and one of the cheekiest and friendliest of the herd of Alpaca that […]

New York

Celebrating 15 Years of Richard Anderson Savile Row, we travelled to New York to host an event with friends new and old, thank […]
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