Ventile Raincoat

Our Ventile raincoat is beautifully designed for day to day and formal wear. Perfect to put on over a sports coat, suit or any item of your choice. We are delighted with how well received these coats have been since their launch.




Delivery time: 2-3 business days


  • The water resistant VentileĀ® fabric, developed by scientists at the Shirley Institute in Manchester, was a revolution that protected the pilots from immediate soaking and extended life expectancy to 20 minutes.

    The fabric became a staple supply for the RAF and is still used in RAF and NATO flight suits today.

    Our raincoats are light weight and perfect for wearing over a suit on rainy days, offering protection and comfort. You will be seeing more of them over the coming months, but we will be noting interest from customers who might like to reserve one ahead of the spring showers.

    Our model features a fly front with vertical welted pockets, wrist wraps and a tab and button on the collar, chain hanger, two vertical inside pockets with zips.


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