Peter Smith

Sales Manager

Peter started in menswear at fourteen with a part time weekend and summer job. In 1986 he started full time at one of the leading Savile Row Houses, working in the bespoke tailoring department, before moving to his previous employment.

Today; with over 30 years experience in bespoke tailoring, there are few better people to measure you in a bespoke suit.

Although we say Peter has joined Richard Anderson, it feels more like he has re-joined the team as it was Brian who recruited him at his previous employment and who trained him in the art of the travelling Savile Row tailor. Brian and Peter often travelled together to America, meeting customers old and new and that practice will begin afresh. Peter will now travel regularly for us in America, Europe and Japan.

In his leisure hours Peter enjoys cycling and spending time with his two children. We are sure that many of our customers will find Peter a familiar and trustworthy face and join us in welcoming him ‘home’.