Krishan Chudasama

Front of House

Krishan was born and schooled in London, although his family hail from Rajasthan in India. He studied Financial Mathematics at university; after graduating he faced the choice of working in the financial sector, or following his love of tailoring and all things sartorial. He obviously chose correctly and has joined us at Richard Anderson at the front of the house, where his experience in menswear and passion for fine clothing allow him to serve our growing clientele.

Outside Savile Row and the world of menswear, Krishan’s life revolves around riding, shooting and archery. He rides several times a week and has competed in Dressage for many years as well as in horseback archery and he is a keen shot with rifle and shotgun. He has been riding since he was four years old and shooting almost as long; both are family traditions and require a certain etiquette in terms of dress. Krishan’s interest in clothes started at a very young age; his earliest memories of visiting family in India are that every trip started with a trip to the tailor, so that as a young boy he could be presented at the palace in good order. This early experience of bespoke tailoring, followed by the requirements of dressage and shooting has remained with Krishan, so that whether he is working, riding or shooting he is always perfectly attired.