Richard Anderson

An inspirational designer with a fanatical zeal for perfection, Richard has spent all his working life on the Row and is at the top of his craft. Richard's book (Bespoke) about those early years has been published to great acclaim - like Richard it is down to earth, funny and insightful. Richard's constant desire is to bring new blood into the craft, passing on some of the invaluable lessons he has received.

Brian Lishak

Brian started on the Row in 1956 and is a former Managing Director of Huntsman. His unrivalled 50+ years of experience in tailoring make him a regularly quoted authority on Savile Row. His intimate knowledge of tailoring makes him invaluable to discerning customers.

Rebecca Devlin

Our valued cutter Rebecca has travelled a long way to be with us and since joining ten years ago has travelled even further in the craft of tailoring. Rebecca hails from Warrnambool in the state of Victoria, Australia.

At university she gained her Bachelor’s degree in visual arts, majoring in textiles; it was during an exchange study trip with the Winchester School of Art that she encountered Savile Row and enjoyed several weeks’ work experience at Richard Anderson.

Having completed her degree in Australia, Rebecca sent an email to us enquiring how a young graduate might pursue a career in tailoring. Our answer was in the form of an offer of a formal apprenticeship. Rebecca had to make a swift decision to move to the other side of the world and worked every hour to save for the air fare.

Rebecca followed a traditional apprenticeship under Richard, studying trimming, striking, hand work, measuring and cutting and now, having recently celebrated ten years at Richard Anderson, has her own book of customers.

Peter Smith

We are delighted that Peter has joined the team as Sales Manager. Peter started in menswear at fourteen with a part time weekend and summer job. In 1986 he started full time at one of the leading Savile Row Houses, working in the bespoke tailoring department, before moving to his previous employment.

Although we say Peter has joined Richard Anderson, it feels more like he has re-joined the team as it was Brian who recruited him at his previous employment and who trained him in the art of the travelling Savile Row tailor. Brian and Peter often travelled together to America, meeting customers old and new and that practice will begin afresh. Peter will now travel regularly for us in America, Europe and Japan.

In his leisure hours Peter enjoys cycling and spending time with his two children. We are sure that many of our customers will find Peter a familiar and trustworthy face and join us in welcoming him ‘home’.

Krishan Chudasama

Krishan was born and schooled in London, although his family hail from Rajasthan in India. He studied Financial Mathematics at university; after graduating he faced the choice of working in the financial sector, or following his love of tailoring and all things sartorial. He obviously chose correctly and has joined us at Richard Anderson at the front of the house, where his experience in menswear and passion for fine clothing allow him to serve our growing clientele.

Outside Savile Row and the world of menswear, Krishan’s life revolves around riding, shooting and archery. He rides several times a week and has competed in Dressage for many years as well as in horseback archery and he is a keen shot with rifle and shotgun. He has been riding since he was four years old and shooting almost as long; both are family traditions and require a certain etiquette in terms of dress. Krishan’s interest in clothes started at a very young age; his earliest memories of visiting family in India are that every trip started with a trip to the tailor, so that as a young boy he could be presented at the palace in good order. This early experience of bespoke tailoring, followed by the requirements of dressage and shooting has remained with Krishan, so that whether he is working, riding or shooting he is always perfectly attired.

Carmelo Reina

Carmelo is from Cesteltermini in the Agrigento region of Sicily. He started tailoring at the age of ten, taking an apprenticeship with a tailoring house. By the age of thirteen he was a Coatmaker; in 1959 he moved to England, where he worked as a tailor in London. At the age of forty, he joined a highly reputed house on Savile Row, where he soon became head of a workshop of twenty-five tailors.

Carmelo insists that you learn something new every day in tailoring; he has worked on many new designs here, where a more modern and innovative approach allows for creativity and new direction and of course still allows for tailors to learn something new every day.

Carmelo is married with two children; his pastime is dining and dancing with his wife and enjoying time with his grandchildren.

Eugene Maccarrone

Eugene hails from Furci Siculo in the province of Messina, Sicily. He started tailoring at the age of eight, training until at sixteen when he went to work at a Sartoriale, where he worked with the finest cloths and refined his skills as a tailor. After his apprenticeship and cutting school in Messina, Eugene moved to London to learn English and further his knowledge of tailoring; he worked with the many Italian and French tailors in the capital, eventually running a business in Bond Street for the owner, who was nearing retirement.

Eugene joined Richard Anderson in 2004 and has been responsible not only for a large amount of the highest quality handwork, but also for training young apprentices.

Eugene is married, with two sons and two grand-children and is still keen on football, although his days playing in the Anglo Italian team have now come to an end through retirement from the game.

Maya Jauslin

Maya is from London but has also lived in Cornwall. She studied at the London College of Fashion; her diploma in handcraft tailoring led on to the bespoke tailoring degree, during which she did many work experience placements and worked in London Fashion Week. In her final year Maya entered the Golden Shears competition, which is where she met Richard.

In early 2011 Maya interviewed against three male tailors for a position at Richard Anderson and won her place in the team as an apprentice coatmaker, studying the technical aspects of speciality tailoring for dinner suits and other bespoke items. She has been working solo now for two years.

Maya is from an artistic family (her mother is an artist) and she enjoys music and the arts; Maya is a keen cyclist – in fact during her degree she created new directions for technical cycling suits – she also enjoys running (and has been inspired to do her first half-marathon by Brian).

Emily Self

Emily’s career in tailoring started seven years ago with the tailoring course at Newham College in London, which led Emily on to the bespoke tailoring course at the London College of Fashion.

She took a gap year at a bespoke and military tailor in Norfolk where she worked under two inspiring women. Emily graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2012 and worked on a variety of freelance projects for fashion and couture houses before meeting Richard and Brian, when she started her full coatmaking apprenticeship, a five year training that covers all aspects of coat making.

Emily comes from a creative background; both of her parents are artists and she enjoys the detail and discipline of still life drawing and also paints using water based media, favouring acrylics for their strength of colour.