Repairs and Alterations


If you require a repair or alteration to any garment please bring the garment to us so that we can assess what is necessary and advise accordingly. Our invisible menders are peerless and have often saved a garment for years of further use.

All other repairs are effected by our own tailors ensuring premium stitching of the highest quality. Body size and/or posture often change with the passing of time making alterations necessary. With our own garments, the inlays left during the make and the construction of the garment enable us to make extensive changes.

We will be pleased to refit, recut if necessary and alter accordingly whenever possible. Again this complicated work will be done with the same loving care as in its original make. All work is overseen by Richard Anderson himself and no effort will be spared to restore the garment’s condition as near as possible to when new.

We will also maintain clothing made by other tailoring companies wherever feasible. Estimates in advance can be provided as required.