New Medium Weight Cloths

We are delighted to announce that we have managed to source a range of medium weight cloths to our own specifications that are exclusive to us.

Regular customers will have followed our heavyweight cloths that have become firm customer favourites.Using the same yarn and weave construction, these medium weight cloths have similar attributes.Remarkable durability and shape retention properties, whilst at 12/13 oz being suitable for the best part of the year in most climates.

The first cloths in this new range are a plain grey, blue-grey and a blue pin spot.

Shown here in make is a striking blue-grey single breasted suit. Even in the early stages of construction, the shape-keeping properties of the medium weights are self-evident.

The beauty of this cloth is that it has the character of the heavier weights, with the comfort and wearability of a lighter material, so is suitable for every climate.

Working closely with the mill, we will be adding further patterns to this exclusive range in due course.

Medium Weight Tweeds

We have sourced a superb range of woollen cashmere mix cloths for this Autumnal collection. The rich natural shades and colours include wonderful greens, browns and blues as well as more muted shades. The subtle patterns include herringbones, traditional overchecks and houndstooth checks.

at 10-12oz, the cloths are an all-season medium weight. They tailor beautifully and are soft and luxurious. Perfect for a sports coat or as a casual suit.