In 2001 Richard Anderson Ltd opened for business on London's world-renowned Savile Row; the first bespoke tailoring House to open on The Row in 50 years. Combining over 100 years of experience on Savile Row, our team represents the perfect combination of tradition and innovative creativity.

The dream, for founders Richard Anderson and Brian Lishak, was to give life back to that style icon and British institution, Savile Row. Richard and Brian shared a passion for fine English clothing, and saw an opportunity to take the age-old craft of bespoke tailoring forward. 

Both Richard Anderson and Brian Lishak have worked on The Row all of their working lives and have dressed every nationality, rank and personality you could imagine.

Richard started as a 17 year old apprentice at one of the great houses and served a most traditional apprenticeship under Colin Hammick, one of the greats of tailoring.  Covered in his book Bespoke: Savile Row Ripped and Smoothed, it was certainly an eventful and entertaining time for Richard.

Brian, who is in his sixth decade on the row, started at an even more tender age and has been travelling to America for 'The Row' for more than 50 years.

Since the very first days when Richard and Brian opened the doors on their spacious new showroom, recently decorated, lovingly stocked and laid out in the most egalitarian open plan fashion, they have welcomed customers from around the world. As the list of nationalities has grown, Richard and Brian have found themselves travelling to America, Canada, Japan, all over Europe, to Russia, Ukraine and China.

With so many notable successes, it would be hard to list them all, but some of the most interesting times have been making suits for series after series of television programmes, for sports personalities, for Oscar appearances, for concerts at Wembley and appearances in the Senate.

Every suit is special in its own way - that is the true nature of bespoke tailoring.