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Made to Measure

Our made to measure service features the best of the Richard Anderson range of cloths and fabric,
made perfectly for you.

The made to measure starts like any other of our services, a fitting.

Join us in our showroom on Savile Row where you will be measured and fitted, with expert guidance on our range of available cloths for any occasion. Choose your buttons and lining, you can choose from any of our bespoke cloths and fabrics, offering the most diverse selection on Savile Row, even the world.

Why Made to Measure by Richard Anderson?

Our suits are fully canvased, not fused. Canvased suits have the lining sewn delicately into the suit to make the finish perfect.

With fused suits, the lining is applied by heat. With this process, there is little construction in the garment itself. It can cause delamination, hunching and shrinking of the shoulders. Bubbling can also occur with this method, so we are committed to canvasing our suits that give them a superior and longer lasting finish.

To enquire more about our Made to Measure service, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.


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