A beautiful Velvet that we presented in December 2013

What jacket can I wear with my Richard Anderson Jeans or Chinos? For an evening at a restaurant or theatre, or lunch with friends what could be more appropriate than velvet? A joy to wear and one of the few fabrics whose appearance becomes more attractive with wear. Velvet is an option we strongly recommend.

The natural comfort and luxury of the material is common knowledge but its origins may not be as well known; it was for many centuries the cloth of kings and rulers. In 1399, King Richard II gave orders that after his death his body should be clothed in velvet. Originating in the Middle-East in the 12th century, it was exported to Venice, thence to other Italian cities. Eventually the craft was taken up by the Flemish weavers of Bruges and the French weavers of Lyon.

Originally made from silk, it was prone to tearing. Stronger, more durable cloths of lighter weights are now made from cotton or cotton mixtures. Our collection includes classic black, navy, bottle green, red and burgundy; rich colours that are appealing to the eye and a pleasure to wear. We know it will be a favourite in your wardrobe.

December 23, 2013 by Ben Glazier

Bespoke Overcoats

For Winter 2013-14 we presented a stunning range of overcoats

We are delighted to present one of the most beautiful range of overcoatings we have discovered in many years.

The wool from which this magnificent collection is made is fine but high density; tightly spun and compactly woven in weights between 22oz and 27oz they will provide excellent protection from the chill of autumn and winter without being thick or cumbersome. Performance will be superb and coupled with tremendous durability it will the best overcoat you ever possessed and cut by Richard, the most elegant.

Plain colours in delicate shades of grey, blue and brown plus the outstanding fuschia illustrated here together with striking checks. Steeped in history and tradition they need no introduction to our customers. Some of the colour combinations are presented here but they need to be seen to be truly appreciated.

To read the brochure that we produced at the time, click here.


December 22, 2013 by Ben Glazier

The Medium Weights

In Autumn 2013 we introduced a range of Medium-weights.

We are delighted to announce that we have managed to source a range of medium weight cloths to our own specifications that are exclusive to us.
Regular customers will have followed our heavyweight cloths that have become firm customer favourites.

These medium weight cloths, in a similar range of colours, have an extraordinarily good performance, excellent shape retention properties and are comfortable for all climates, being 12-13oz in weight.

The first cloths in this new range are a plain grey, blue-grey and a blue pin spot.

Shown here below left is the pin-spot and in make is a striking blue-grey single breasted suit. Even in the early stages of construction, the shape-keeping properties of the medium weights are self-evident.

The beauty of this cloth is that it has the character of the heavier weights, with the comfort and wearability of a lighter material, so is suitable for every climate.
Working closely with the mill, we will be adding further patterns to this exclusive range in due course.


September 11, 2013 by Ben Glazier