A Guide to Luxury: Baltic Amber Cufflinks

We are delighted to add to our wide collection of exclusive cufflinks, a new range of links, hand made using Baltic Amber.

This beautiful substance, also known as Succinite, is the most highly prized form of amber. It was formed when tree resin oozed from a pine tree in the Baltic sea region some 45 million years ago and over millenia became fossilised, capturing a moment from a time before even our earliest ancestors roamed the earth.

Amber has been recognised for its unique beauty for thousands of years, but the incredible range of colours of Baltic amber is what makes this collection so special. It naturally occurs in brown, red and yellow, but also as blue, green, black and even milky-white. We have selected several colours and designed simple, elegant links.

Our Baltic Amber links join a range of designs that customers have come to love for their elegance and simplicity; many of these are our own designs and the full range is available to view and buy on our web site.