Tales from Savile Row

Here, you will find everything that we like to share and talk about. Whether it’s a new cloth, a story from our vault, a new range of accessories or just something we want to share with you, this is where you’ll find it.

We hope that you enjoy reading the stories about our craft and that they inspire, entertain and welcome you to the store.




Richard Anderson, Brian Lishak, and the whole Richard Anderson team

Tales from Savile Row

Guide to Luxury Fabrics

Over the years we have sought out many new fabrics for our customers, some of them luxurious, some of them practical, all of […]

The Ebb and Flow of Savile Row

Back before my time, in the 20s, 30s and 40s. Cutters of Savile Row were the kingpins. Journeyman tailors would go from place […]

Introducing our Herringbone Collection

These four new tweeds were woven exclusively for the Richard Anderson Ready To Wear range; by hand, in Inverness, Scotland.

Introducing our Racing Green Super 120s Worsted Suit

This glorious green Worsted is a deep shade with a richness that is irresistible, in a cloth that is versatile as well as […]

Musings of a Seasoned Traveller

For more than sixty years I have had the pleasure of travelling around the world to meet our clients and fit them for […]

Our new Cheviot Cobalt Blue Suit

We have always admired the virtues and character of Cheviot wool as many of our customers know; over the years we have introduced […]
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